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I began this group in the belief that it would be helpful for people with partners on the autism spectrum would benefit from connecting with each other. Anyone who thinks they would benefit from being in touch with others in similar situations is welcome to join.

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  1. Hi Melissa , congratulations on the new site. I can’t tell you how the old site got me through some very dark days, and look forward to future .

  2. Hi Melissa, been out of touch for a while but would like to come on new site. thanks so much- Fiona

    • Great to hear from you. You need to click on the “forums” link and you will find an option to join: I’ll then activate your account.

  3. Hi Melissa,
    Love the site. If you would like to promote it I can send an email to my group as well, I’m sure some of those parents with AS children have partners with AS personality types (diagnosed or otherwise) as well.

    Lisa 🙂
    ASSN Northern Parent Support

    • Hi Lisa, I’m sorry it has taken me so long to reply to this! Please do promote it! But the forum itself has changed location and I’m adding the final touches this weekend; people can go straight to http://aspartneraus.org/vanilla/ to request membership. Hopefully it will all be much more streamlined from now on.

  4. I have been separated for 1.5 yrs and just applied for a divorce. My ex-husband, who is a psychologist, I believe has HFA (Aspergers). He denies and lies about everything and blames me. Any comment I make he takes as a criticism. There was no intimacy, touch, (sex) (this was because “I wore tracksuit pants”), and as a result I endured IVF. I don’t speak to him and any communication regarding my daughter is done via my mother. I’m not sure what answers I want or need. I’m seeing a psychologist myself who has an expertise in HFA and he is of the same opinion, our marriage counsellor, his family have hinted and ex-girlfriend have all indicated the same thoughts. I’m still stuck in the same thoughts and rut (and all the mean things he did and said). Any advice?

  5. Hi Melissa,

    I have two children a 12 year girl and a 10 yr old boy both diagnosed as ASD. My husband was apparently told many years ago that he had “little professor syndrome” but has really been anti-discussing that he has aspergers. After 30 years of marriage we are having a lot of difficulties with his behaviours becoming more and more controlling.

    I would be very interested in your forum

  6. Hello.
    I have two beautiful ASD children who are 8 and 7.
    My 10 year marriage has been a roller coaster. My husband appears to have some ASD traits such as not liking change, can’t read emotions nor support me emotionally, zones out and slow progressing.
    I have no support from family. Would like to join a support group as I’m lonely and mentally exhausted and feeling lost.

  7. Hi everyone
    my partner (20years old) has been diagnosed with aspie a few days ago but suspected to have it all his life. he is really struggling with people judgments and gets very angry all the time and says he ‘hate people’ . He also always say ‘ no one understand me. You don’t get it’ .. has his partner I don’t know what to do ….. help please
    we live in Melbourne, is there any groups we can attend and talk openly about it and meet with other couples… ??

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